3C. Neisseria meningitidis is an inhabitant of the nasopharynx, from which it is transmitted from person to person or disseminates in blood and becomes a harmful pathogen. Ebenso Texte aus dem E-Repository der Hochschule und aus den Nationallizenzen. OpaD is an OpaCEA protein that confers a strongly opaque phenotype on Gc colonies. The latest wellness and longevity research. Therefore, phenotypically translucent Gc may in fact express one or more Opa proteins. 6B). 3A). 6C). Investigating the contribution of Opa proteins to gonococcal pathogenesis is complicated by high-frequency phase variation of the opa genes. 2A), and opaque Gc colonies were detected in cultures of parental Gc (Fig. Opac Recherchieren, Kontoeinsicht, Vormerken, Verlängern In unserem Online-Katalog suchen Sie nach gedruckten Büchern, E-Books, Zeitschriften und audiovisuellen Medien. Découvrez tout notre assortiment ci-dessus, personnalisez votre tote bag en ligne et recevez rapidement votre commande au bureau ! --jpgordon ∇∆∇∆ 1 July 2005 03:31 (UTC) I'm pretty sure this whole post is a joke. Additionally, studies in mice have shown that Opa+ Gc is more resistant to serum bactericidal activity and to as-yet unidentified factors in genital tract secretions (50). Using Opaless and OpaD+nv Gc, we found that constitutively Opa− and Opa+ Gc behave similarly to their phase-varying counterparts in survival after challenge with primary human PMNs and in modulating the PMN oxidative burst. Continued. While it is possible that we selected for a mutation that allows for Gc growth in the absence of all Opa expression, opa-deficient derivatives of strain MS11 Gc and strain H44/76 Neisseria meningitidis also show no in vitro growth defect (19, 59). (A) ROS production was measured in human PMNs exposed to S. aureus, ΔopaBEGK Gc (Opa− Gc), or ΔopaBEGK Gc phase-ON for OpaA, OpaD, OpaF, or OpaI, as described for Fig. The Opa protein each expressed was determined by Western blotting with a panel of FA1090 Opa-specific antibodies (see below). Absence of Opa protein expression in Opaless Gc. These derivatives provide insight into Opa-mediated interactions of Gc with human PMNs and make a system available for uniformly investigating the contribution of Opa proteins to Gc biology and pathogenesis. Alternatively, adherent, primed PMNs would also undergo increased degranulation, to potentially present a receptor on the PMN surface for internalization of Opa− Gc. We thank Christof Hauck, Ann Jerse, and Michael Apicella for providing antibodies and the University of Virginia Lymphocyte Culture Center for production of the 4B12 monoclonal antibody. S2C). --HappyCamper 1 July 2005 02:55 (UTC) To me it looks kinda like a sycamore. Most Opa-positive (Opa+) Gc stimulate primary human PMNs and promyelocytic HL-60 cells to produce ROS (28–32). In this work, we addressed colonization of the nasopharyngeal niche by focusing on the interplay between meningococci and the airway mucus that lines the mucosa of the host. S3 in the supplemental material). The remaining seven were then deleted to yield the complete opa deletion, here called Opaless. Twenty nine (29) units of computers are dedicated for internet, online database searching and document processing. Expression of one or more Opa proteins in parental and ΔopaBEGK opaque Gc is indicated by a heat-modifiable shift in reactivity with the Opa antibody. 2A). opa genes were deleted in the following order: E, B, K, G, C, I, A, D, F, H, and J. (ii) Liquid medium.Gc was grown in GCBL modified with Kellogg's supplements I and II and 0.042% sodium bicarbonate as previously described (33). Although expression of Opa proteins like OpaD is detrimental to Gc survival after exposure to PMNs, Opa+ Gc is recovered from the male urethra and the female cervix during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle (25, 26, 52, 62). FA1090 has been used extensively in human urethral challenge studies (57) and the murine genital tract model of gonorrhea (58). 181 p. 22 cm Date: 2010 Availability: Copies available: College Library Filipiniana Section [ PE1130 .B928 2010 ] (3), The mutated sequence's codons appear at the same frequency in the Gc genome as the parental, phase-variable codons (http://exon.gatech.edu/metagenome/CodonUsageDatabase/display.cgi?accession=NC_002946). My Cloud Web access. Phenotypically translucent ΔopaBEGK Gc did not express any Opa proteins by Western blotting (Fig. Hope you guys can identify them as in the past. La réponse est peut-être ici ! Gc was grown in rich liquid medium (GCBL) to obtain viable, exponential-phase cultures as described previously (33). This bottle is made of HDPE plastic. These observations suggest that deleting the translucent opaBEGK genes from Gc yielded an isolate in which Opa protein expression could be monitored by colony phenotype. Assuming the reduced ROS in response to OpaD+var Gc is due to a minor fraction of Opa− bacteria, these findings highlight the advantage of using Gc expressing a nonvarying opaD allele to examine Opa-dependent bacterial interactions with host cells. Retrouver les marchés publics des collectivités locales, leurs établissements publics et des bailleurs sociaux. XIII. In contrast, PMNs exposed to Opaless Gc were identical to uninfected PMNs and generated no ROS (Fig. (D to G) Colonies of OpaD+var Gc (D, F) and OpaD+nv Gc (E, G) were imaged as described for Fig. The deletion construct (middle) was transformed into the chromosome of FA1090 Gc to produce opa-deleted progeny. That should be in your record, but it’s still a good idea to mention it. Creation of Opaless FA1090 Gc. Saba R, Störchel PH, Aksoy-Aksel A, Kepura F, Lippi G, Plant TD, Schratt GM. Parental and ΔopaBEGK Gc were predominantly Opa− by Western blotting and colony opacity (data not shown). Identification of surface proteins of, Up-regulation of human neutrophil receptors for, The specific innate immune receptor CEACAM3 triggers neutrophil bactericidal activities via a Syk kinase-dependent pathway, Opa (protein II) influences gonococcal organization in colonies, surface appearance, size and attachment to human fallopian tube tissues, Multiple gonococcal pilin antigenic variants are produced during experimental human infections, An alternative DNA structure is necessary for pilin antigenic variation in, Gene splicing and mutagenesis by PCR-driven overlap extension, Gonococci exit apically and basally from polarized epithelial cells and exhibit dynamic changes in type IV pili, Purification and visualization of lipopolysaccharide from Gram-negative bacteria by hot aqueous-phenol extraction, Loss of both Holliday junction processing pathways is synthetically lethal in the presence of gonococcal pilin antigenic variation, Experimental gonococcal genital tract infection and opacity protein expression in estradiol-treated mice, Anaerobic growth of gonococci does not alter their Opa-mediated interactions with human neutrophils, Investigation of oxidative stress defenses of, A strain-specific catalase mutation and mutation of the metal-binding transporter gene, Experimental gonococcal infection in male volunteers: cumulative experience with, Estradiol-treated female mice as surrogate hosts for, Construction of Opa-positive and Opa-negative strains of, Macropinocytosis: an endocytic pathway for internalising large gulps, Antigonococcal activity of human neutrophil cathepsin G, Studies on gonococcus infection. The opaD+nv amplicon was generated by overlap extension PCR using the primers in Table S2 and conditions in Table S3 in the supplemental material and then transformed into Opaless Gc. Bücher & mehr enthält alle Bücher, Zeitschriften, E-Books, E-Journals und Medien der PH Ludwigsburg. Murièle Jacquier, Ph.D. Murièle Jacquier, Ph.D Chargée d’enseignement en didactique de la physique chez Université de Genève Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France. While six (6) computer units are committed for WEB OPAC … Ebenso Texte aus dem E-Repository der Hochschule und aus den Nationallizenzen.Die Verfügbarkeit der einzelnen Titel wird in der Trefferliste angezeigt. Investigating the contribution of Opa proteins to gonococcal pathogenesis is complicated by high-frequency phase variation of the opa genes. Gc does not require Opa expression for nonopsonic internalization by primary human PMNs. Katalog & Service Der Onlinekatalog der Stadtbibliothek. Taken together, these results show that opa genes can be successfully deleted from the FA1090 Gc chromosome to yield a strain incapable of expressing any Opa proteins. Scale bar = 10 μm. Given the potent ROS response of PMNs to OpaD+ Gc, one possibility is that Opa+ bacteria are killed by PMNs' extensive oxidative arsenal. Since phagocytosis of Opaless Gc requires the PMN actin cytoskeleton, PMNs may be internalizing Opa− bacteria by actin-dependent macropinocytosis. The construct was transformed into Opaless Gc to yield OpaD+nv (nonvariable) Gc. These and other approaches will help reveal the contribution of Opa proteins, individually or in combination, to Gc-host interactions and enhance understanding of how these interactions influence the course of human disease. Scale bar = 1 mm. (B to G) Colonies of parental (B, E), ΔopaBEGK (C, F), and Opaless (D, G) Gc were imaged using white light transilluminated with a mirrored (B to D) or frosted (E to G) substage for opacity-associated phenotypes. Pendant la crise sanitaire, 70 % des parents ont ressenti plus de fatigue que d’habitude 22/12/2020 08:45:34. Dr. Ph. Liquid - 50 oz (3.12 lb) - Free & Clear Scent - 1 / Each - Clear. To assess how expression of OpaD influenced FA1090 Gc survival after challenge with PMNs, adherent, primed human PMNs were exposed to Opaless, OpaD+var, and OpaD+nv Gc. Search. Saba R, Störchel PH, Aksoy-Aksel A, Kepura F, Lippi G, Plant TD, Schratt GM. Opac der PH Bibliothek Ludwigsburg Verlängern, vormerken, verwalten, … Der Opac enthält den Bestand der Hochschulbibliothek (Bücher, Zeitschriften, DVDs, E-Books). Suivez l'évolution de l'épidémie de CoronaVirus / Covid19 en France département. Experiments were performed 3 times. Common Chemistry is helpful to non-chemists who know either a name or CAS Registry Number ® of a common chemical and want to pair both pieces of information. 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,212. We thank Joanna Goldberg for critical reading of the manuscript. Opa proteins can also recognize lacto-N-neotetraose moieties on LOS (18, 19). 2A). Hinweise: Mit einem * können Sie beliebige Wortendungen mit suchen. When nonselectively passaged, ΔopaBEGK Gc sporadically yielded opaque colonies (Fig. Près de 270 acheteurs diffusent leurs consultations sur cette plateforme. 5B). All Content in this webport is for the using stakeholder of VTU Only. . 99. The translucent Opa proteins confer a poorly opaque phenotype on Gc colonies grown on commonly used media, and Opa expression can be reliably detected only by immunoblot (38). Your source for achieving better health through nutrition. Activated PMNs assemble the NADPH oxidase enzyme to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS), e.g., the oxidative burst (27). NLB manages the National Library, 26 Public Libraries and the National Archives. Complementation of Opaless Gc with a nonvariable, constitutively expressed allele of FA1090 opaD. The FA1090 genome has been sequenced and annotated (www.genome.ou.edu/gono.html; http://stdgen.northwestern.edu), the locations of all 11 opa genes in the FA1090 chromosome are known (8) (see Table S1 in the supplemental material), and the colony opacity phenotype for each FA1090 Opa protein has been elucidated (25, 53). Its powerful stain-blocking formula also blocks most pet and smoke odors and creates an … Ties That Bind: Quantifying China’s public diplomacy and its “good neighbor” effect Samantha Custer, Brooke Russell, Matthew DiLorenzo, Mengfan Cheng,