Find more topics on the central web site of the Technical University of Munich: Chemie 107, 1439-1441(1995). At the TUM, I particularly like the fact that there is a separate department for the teacher training courses and thus specific lectures in mathematics. Lehrstuhl Chemie der Biopolymere. Prof. Dr. Dieter Langosch Weihenstephaner Berg 3 85354 Freising Phone: +49 (0)8161 71 3500 Fax: +49 (0)8161 71 4404 The TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) combines academic excellence with high-profile doctoral education. MA9409. Advanced Seminar Finance & Accounting (WIB301106): Digital Accounting and Auditing (in cooperation with KPMG) Nanokomposite und setzen dabei u.a. The doctoral program in Experimental Medicine is a structured program for natural science doctoral candidates at TUM School of Medicine. 05/2020: Hoai-Thi started her Master Thesis on selective halogenation methods. "go42tum") or TUM e-mail address and your password, or continue without logging in.. Dauer: 6 Wochen Teaching at TUM . CARELL GROUP. 2017: Luca Berardocco (Master), Numerical study of turbulent flows in strongly-magnetized plasmas (with M. Restelli and O. Maj) link; Teaching . TUM Asia Launches Free Alumni Credits to Diversify TUM’s Talent Pipeline in Technology >> How will COVID-19 affect my studies or my Master of Science application to Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia? SS 2020: Computational Plasma Physics (lecture + exercises) WS 2019/20: Übungen zur Höheren Mathematik 1 für Maschinenwesen und Chemie … 08/2020: Tobias started his Master Thesis on peptide synthesis. Analysis für Informatik. Berger Steiger, Possanner. Since I can do the bachelor's and master's degrees in addition to the state examination, I still have the opportunity to switch into specialized science and pursue an academic or business career." Welcome! degree through TUM School of Medicine. kolloidchemische Methoden ein. Laboratories. By default all passed modules count towards the final grade – even if the sum of the accounted modules exceeds 40 CP, resulting in a final credit saldo above 120. Contact. Re: TUM Consumer Affairs Master Hi Kelly, As per what was alluded to in the previous posts, the interview was very much about (for me at least) my motivations, my thesis, why MCA - … He has been working as Quality Assurance Manager for five years. He was a visiting postdoc at University College Dublin and started 2019 a habilitation at TUM focusing on Bio-Nanotechnology. Institut für Technische Chemie der Technischen Universität München Lehrstuhl II Reaction Mechanism and Deactivation Pathways in Zeolite catalyzed Isobutane/2-Butene Alkylation Andreas Feller Vollständiger Abdruck der von der Fakultät für Chemie der Technischen Universität München zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines ... Höhere Mathematik 3 für Maschinenwesen und Chemie-Ingenieurwesen. Was working with the PCE (Polycarboxylate Ether, an additive for Ordinary Portland Cement) in the AAS (Alkali-activated Slag) system at TU Munich, Germany. Thanks to the whole group for their great help in moving our lab from TUM to Leipzig University at these challenging times. Network. MA9201. 04/2020: The group resumes lab work in Leipzig! This award is presented to younger researchers who have qualified through new, original and groundbreaking scientific work in this subject area. Cooperating worldwide, TUM offers you many opportunities for international experience, ranging from short programs to several semesters abroad. Master of Science. MA0902. Students enrolled in Matter to Life Master program choose at least 40 CP (ECTS) of Master courses from the science subjects. Master’s thesis (30 credit points, period of 6 months) Requirements for access: Bachelor in chemistry (or comparable programme highly congruent with TUM chemistry), acquired after a minimum of six semesters at a university Participation and passing of two-stage procedure of aptitude (see below) Phases of application: MA9411. For admittance to the master’s program applicants need to fulfill the following admission requirements: Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or an equivalent degree with credits in chemistry that correspond to the bachelor’s program in chemistry at the Freie Universität Berlin. Ob Bachelor, Master, ... Higher math courses for other TUM departments. Forschungspraktikum Biochemie 2 (6 Wochen, 8 credit points) Das Forschungspraktikum 2 kann im Inland oder Ausland durchgeführt werden. Der Lehrstuhl für Bauchemie befasst sich mit Grundlagenforschung auf dem Gebiet der anorganischen Bindemittel und organischen Zusatzmittel. About. In 2019, he obtained his doctoral degree in biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) with a dissertation on the subject “Generation of Microbial Oil via a Process Engineering Approach”. >> Find out how the world of tomorrow is engineered by engineers >> PH2226: Chemistry in Biomedical Imaging for Physicists / Chemie der biomedizinischen Bildgebung für Physiker; VO: 2: Pfeiffer, F. Assisstants: Busse, M. singular or moved dates: Medical Imaging Technology eLearning course Assigned to modules: ME0156: Medical Imaging Techniques, Nuclear Medicine / Bildgebende Verfahren, Nuklearmedizin; VO: 2 It allows doctoral candidates with a Diplom or master’s degree in the natural sciences whose supervisor is a member of TUM School of Medicine to receive a Dr. rer. Welcome to the Student Council TUM School of Management! Please log in using your TUM ID (e.g. About the Project: In collaboration with the Chair of Organic Chemistry I and TUM University Library, plugins are to be created that extend the features of the TUM Workbench electronic lab notebook to better meet the needs of chemists. Lineare Algebra (EI) Brandenberg, von Dichter. It is the purpose of this Master’s course on “Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence” not only to provide students with the necessary basic knowledge in all underlying scientific areas, but also to train them in the practical design of such systems using a variety of real technical platforms (including all kinds of different robots) available at TUM. SS19 Repetitorium Höhere Mathematik 1 für Maschinenwesen und Chemie-Ingenieurwesen (MA9301) SS19 Tutorials Höhere Mathematik 2 für Maschinenwesen und Chemie-Ingenieurwesen (MA9302) WS18/19 Tutorials and Organization of Höhere Mathematik 1 für Maschinenwesen und Chemie-Ingenieurwesen (MA9301) Wir synthetisieren und untersuchen neue Materialien wie z.B. Dr. Schwaminger is a chemical engineer who graduated as Bachelor and Master at TUM. We represent all of the approximately 4.500 students at the TUM School of Management – that includes all students of the Bachelor and Master in Management & Technology, Master in Management (MiM) and Master in Consumer Science (MSC) at the Technical University of Munich. With a foundation in synthetic organic chemistry, the group reaches out to unravel the mysteries of the molecules of life, with emphasis on the nucleic acids. Good luck! : +49 (0)8161 71 3500 Fax: +49 (0)8161 71 4404 General Academic and Examination Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs (APSO) at the Technical University Munich, “Lesbare Satzung” (consolidated version of the regulations up to and including the June 2020 amendment) (03.06.2020) [in German] The high-tech campus Großhadern, where the LMU Departments of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biochemistry have been located since 1999, is the home base of the Carell group. Mahmoud Masri accomplished his studies in Applied Chemistry at the University of Damascus and received his Master in 2010. Lehrstuhl für Chemie der Biopolymere. ... TUM Department: Fakultät für Chemie. About. The Liebig-Vereinigung für Organische Chemie (Liebig Association for Organic Chemistry) within the German Chemical Society grants the ORCHEM Award for Junior Researchers every two years. He completed his PhD in nanotechnology at TUM. DOI: 10.1002/ange.19951071208 ; The Lippophilically Wrapped Polyion Aggregate {[Ba 6 Li 3 O 2 ] +11 [ - OC(CH 3 ) 3 ] 11 (OC 4 H 8 ) 3 }, a Face-Sharing (Octahedron+Prismane) Ba 6 Li 3 O 2 Polyhedronin a Hydrocarbon Ellipsoid: Preparation, Single Crystal Structure Analysis, and Density Functional Calculations, Angew. ... Master of Education ... Chemie: Parametrization of an Implicit Solvation Model for Non-Aqueous Solvents: Re: TUM Consumer Affairs Master Hi everyone, I applied on 13.04.17 and on 26.04.17 they told me that one document was not okay, so I handed it in and on 03.05.17 all documents were marked green. nat. With the IGSSE, the Technische Universität München (TUM) transfers its commitment to foster research projects off the beaten tracks and qualify exceptional young scientists into practice. Prof. Dr. Dieter Langosch Weihenstephaner Berg 3 85354 Freising Tel. TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability (TUMCS) Version of module description: winterterm 2020/21 Module Level: Master Language: English Duration: one semester Frequency: winter semester Credits:* 6 Total Hours: 180 Self-study Hours: 120 Contact Hours: 60 Number of credits may vary according to degree program. Make use of these programs to advance your academic profile, improve your language proficiency, boost your career prospects and have a lot of fun! Implementation of new features is conducted by an external company on behalf of TUM University Library. Introduction. The TUM School of Education awards the annual “Prize for Teacher Training” to lecturers who show exceptional skill and commitment in the development and delivery of audience-appropriate learning experiences. Fakultät für Chemie der Technischen Universität München Lehrstuhl für Technische Chemie I ... support with his Master thesis, as well as Dr. Andrea De Toni, Dr. Andreas Bentele, Andreas Rauch, Enrico Zein, PD Dr. Frank Klose, Dr. Gustav Schrenk, Markus Kerzel Karpfinger.